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T157-164) Archipiélago Islas Galapagos

I carried this idea in my mind long before I started my travel to Peru. After I got a "bad" feedback about it I wasn't really sure to realize it - and it will be expensive. But then I got fresh impulses: first Matthias, who applied for the Advenced Padi in Taganga, then Toby who already spent his time on the islands and at last Shannen, who told me the story that she dived with seaturtles, seals, sharks, stingrays a lot's of fishes. Finally enough reasons to get there - to the paradise. Supposing getting a bargain I booked a 4day cruise-trip, starting just on the next day. Because I'd like to do some diving as well I ordered the return-flight 3 days after finishing the cruise-trip. So I arrived 02.11.07, 11h40 local time on the island Baltra. We got picked up by responsibles and two hours later we ate lunch with 14 others on the cruise "Estrella del Mar II" in the port of Puerto Ayora. After lunch we head for a land-tour to visit the "lava tunnel" and the giant tortoise in wildlife on Isla Santa Cruz. Over night the boat brought us to north of the island where we visited "Dragon Hill", territory of the land iguana and different tiny finches. Over noon we shipped to Isla Bartolome with its famous Pinnacle Rock. Here we did some snorkeling: with the smallest penguin on earth (the only penguins which lives in the northern hemisphere). Here I saw my first shark (white tip reef shark) in wildlife. And of cours tons of colourfull fishes :-) Before sunset we climbed to a 105m hill where we had an awesome view. Over night the boat brought us to isla Santa Fe. After breakfest we had a walk on the island where we could take lot's of picures of sea lions. Back on the cruise we had to get ready for snorkeling. My mask had a leak, I had to change it twice. Finally in the water I got company of a seaturtle ;-) The three germans were close to the beach... I wanted to have look what's going on. And there were 5 seals in the shallow water- I could get as close as in the zoo, just amazing (unfortunatly I couldn't picture that)! The water isn't warm and a wetsuit is mandatory. Afer 45min time to leave the water. The boat was ready to sail to isla San Cristobal. The passage was horrible for me. Rough sea, I got a little seasick and felt very weak. After 4hrs it got better. We had a walk in the interpretation center and had a drink on the island. After dinner with cake the engine got started once more to head the boat north. Ultimate destination was "Turtle black cove", where we got the next morning. Here we could see lot's of different rays, white tip reef sharks, seaturtles and hunting blue footed boobies.
With Barbara and Rok from Slovenia I headed back to the Puerto Auora (capital on isla Santa Cruz). In the afternoon we visited the Darwin Research Center and the next day Tortuga Bay. A place with hudreds of marine iguanas and lots of seaturtles swimming in the wild water. In the afternoon we went to "las grietas" a gorge where sweet and salt water mix. The water is deep and you can see fishes as well! The next day we had to say goodbye - Barbara and Rok flew back to Guayacil.
Finally I could arrange the dive -> 07.11.07 a 200hp-boat took course for Isla Floreana south of isla Santa Cruz. I had company of Deborah (Auatralia), Travis (USA) and Elken (Germany) - our divemaster was Pepe. Before we stoped we got some company of dolfins. Travis used the chance to swimm with them. Both dives were just amazing! During the 2nd imersion I discovered several seaturtles, white-tip reef sharks, stingrays and seals :-)

Just added more amazing pictures (by Claudia & compañeras).
Islas Galapagos

From an idea, a dream to reality ... sometimes the way is not that difficult - "just do it"
(thanks for pics&movies Maettu!)

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Shannen hat gesagt…

YIPPEE an entry in English! I'm so glad you enjoyed the Galapagos (like you wouldn't...!?) What a nice boat, good find! And thanks for mentioning me!

What amazing, and HARD, diving, huh? But a once in a lifetime experience!

I'm going home soon (Dec. 3) Keep me informed on the travels!